Posted by: arijnovick | November 27, 2007

Flexiblity is a sign of good mental health and anger management

Anger management works much better when people accept the idea of personal responsibility for their feelings and their behavior. In fact, being “flexible” in how we respond to a situation is one of the signs of good mental health. Persons with flexibility do not continue to do the things that get results they don’t want. Instead, they are able to adjust—or fine tune— their responses depending on the situation and the outcome they desire or want.

There are many advantages to learning to be more flexible – and “response-able” – in dealing with the stresses and frustrations of your life. At the top of the list is a sense of empowerment. It just feels good and powerful to know that you are in charge of your response, rather than being controlled by other people or circumstances. Many people notice their anger level going down as their feeling of empowerment goes up.

Another advantage to being more flexible in your responses is that is changes how people respond to you. This is a great way to reduce conflict in your life and change the rules of how others treat you — without having to get angry, demanding, or aggressive.


This is a short section of tool # 3, “Respond instead of React” in our acclaimed Century Anger Management model of intervention. For more information about anger management classes or one/one executive coaching please call Dr. Ari Novick at 949 715-2694 or visit our website at

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