Posted by: arijnovick | November 29, 2007

Workplace Stress and Anger – Resolving it could save millions

Anger and stress in the workplace most often occurs when our expectation of others is not met. It reveals itself in a variety of ways, from mild frustration to all out rage. Essentially, we choose anger and stress because we don’t know what else to do to get the results we want from those around us. Anger is often used to manipulate others into doing what we want them to do.

Workplace aggression costs companies millions of dollars every year. The Bureau of Justice show that over 500,000 victims of workplace violence lose over 1.8 million workdays a year, at a cost of 55 million a year. Anger and stress management intervention cuts costs by decreasing the liability a company may face by having an inappropriate employee behave badly towards others. It also helps solve employee problems because they will learn skills to better manage their anger and stress.

Simple yet effective skills can help your organization become more cohesive and productive, and increase your return on investment. These skills or tools include, stress management, empathy, assertive communication, expectation management, forgiveness, learning to respond instead of react, and improving judgment and impulse control.

For more information visit or contact Dr. Ari Novick at 949 715-2694

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