Posted by: arijnovick | July 24, 2008

Who Needs Anger Management?

Who Needs Adult Anger Management?

Many people need anger management; in fact, there is increasing evidence that anger is a root cause of many other human problems such such as certain health problems, marital dysfunction, family conflict, workplace disruptions, aggressive driving, alcohol and drug relapse, domestic violence.

Some people refer themselves to our anger management classes, usually as a direct result of upsetting behavior which they decide to change.  A frequent precipitating event is relationship breakup or disruption with anger management participation a condition for reconciliation.

Other people are referred to anger management programs through their attorneys, the court system, their therapist, their employer, or family members. Frequent precipitating events of people in this category include aggression or verbal assault toward a spouse or other family member, a blow-up or inappropriate display of anger in the workplace either toward other employees or toward customers, an anger-based driving violation, or fighting.

If you feel you are reading to address your anger management problem or have a loved one that might benefit from such a program, please visit our Anger Management Classes website.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group- Anger Management
949 715-2694


  1. Ari…just an update. I can’t seem to keep your workbooks on the shelves. People are buying them like hotcakes. I never had this issue before. I think it is a testament to the quality. Make sure you let Tony know. I’ll be contacting his office to order another 10.

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