Posted by: arijnovick | September 19, 2008

When is an Anger Management Class Needed?

Whether you are a employer seeking anger management program for an employee or an individual seeking an anger management class for yourself or a loved one it is important to understand some of the signs and symptoms of an “anger problem”.

While there is no diagnosis for “anger management”, we must look at anger similarly to other psychological conditions which cause problems in functioning.  Here is a quick list of items which may indicate an anger management problem:

1. Is the anger causing significant problems maintaining relationships?
2. Is the anger causing significant problems maintaining ones occupation or employment?
3. Does the anger last a long time, and is the frequency and duration consistent?
4. Do others notice or comment on your anger, and is there a pattern to your anger
5. Does the anger interfere with ones ability to function in daily life tasks, such as driving, being in crowded public places, etc.
6. Does the anger cause significant impairment not otherwise caused by outside influences such as drugs or alcohol?

For information on our Anger Management Classes or Coaching or for our Online Anger Management Classes, please click these links.

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  1. Yes, I think people who are angry and have problems with it don’t always know that they are this way and need others to point it out to them. The problem is that they’ve created such fear in the people around them that their loved ones are often scared to say anything. I think that’s why anger management classes are usually court appointed, that it mostly ends up coming to that. Would be better if this could be sussed out before the problem reaches such a head and need to be criminally charged.

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