Posted by: arijnovick | November 7, 2008

AJ Novick Group, Inc. Signs Anger Management Training Contract

Press Release:
(November, 2008) Laguna Beach, CA based AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been a leading provider of anger and stress management since 2003. Along with Century Anger Management, they have negotiated an unprecedented contract with the Orange County Department of Education to provide training certification for their employees to teach anger management classes within all 33 California prisons.

“This is an extraordinary and exciting opportunity”, states Dr. Novick, “and I am pleased to see that our model of intervention has reached a new level of recognition after its development in 2004”. The AJ Novick Group along with Century Anger Management will be training approximately 20-25 full time employees which will be providing anger management classes and training to those incarcerated who have prison sentences expected to reach a life term. This model, which teaches skills in: empathy and emotional intelligence; stress management; communication skills training; improving judgment and impulse control; expectation management; improving self-talk and optimism; skills in forgiveness; taking time-outs and diffusing hostile situations will be a huge asset to this population says Dr. Novick.

The AJ Novick Group and Century Anger Management model is aimed at teaching participants concrete skills to help improve relationships as well as all aspects of interpersonal interactions. Participants will attend weekly sessions, receive pre and post assessments and use a structured curriculum designed by our organization titled, “Anger Management in the Twenty-first Century”. This highly structured approach was developed by licensed psychotherapists Ari Novick, Ph.D. and Tony Fiore, Ph.D. Their training model has received numerous approvals including endorsement from the California State Board of Corrections.

About the Author: Ari Novick, Ph.D. is founder of the AJ Novick Group. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert in the field of anger and stress management. Dr. Novick is also a corporate consultant and educator who has presented on-site corporate workshops and trainings to thousands of employees. To view his anger management websites visit or and

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