Posted by: arijnovick | December 20, 2008

Can a Court Ordered Anger Management Class be Fun?

As one of the approved court ordered anger management providers in our area, we routinely receive phone calls from persons who are required to take a class.  What most people expect is an experience to traffic school, where they come in like cattle, are treated like criminals and are bored out of their mind.  Quality anger management programs with well trained providers, such as the ones trained by Century Anger Management are taught to make anger management both educational and, well, fun!

Anger management is a class which teaches skills in a variety of areas such as communication, forgiveness, improving judgment, stress management, empathy and much more.  Good programs with educated instructors will present the material in a way that is upbeat, easy to understand, and foster a sense of motivation for the client.  Our organization, AJ Novick Group, offers anger management classes that are commonly referred to by our clients as “the best course they ever taken in their lives” .  While we cator to both court ordered and non court ordered clients, the feedback is routinely positive.

The other aspect of what can make an anger management program enjoyable, is a curriculum that is well written and designed to be practical and educational, with witty examples that almost anyone can relate to.  Our curriculum, “Anger Management in the Twenty-first Century”  is a great example of a quality client workbook that can be used and applied in a variety of anger management education settings.

Our approach and curriculum are also incorporated into our world class and nationally recognized online anger management classes.  These courses are an ideal way to take a court ordered anger management course if you are unable to attend a weekly class, do not have access to a program near you, or simply need more convenience and privacy.

Anger management should not be viewed as punitive, it’s not!  Anger management is really a life skills class that almost anyone could benefit from.

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Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group – Anger Management

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