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Anger Management Year in Review from AJ Novick Group, Inc.

The AJ Novick Group’s Year in Review:

2008 was an amazing year for the AJ Novick Group as well as our Anger Management Training Organization, Century Anger Management.  Some key highlights include:

1. Contract signed with the Orange County Department of Education to train Employees who will teach anger management in ALL California state prisons.  The Century Anger Management model of intervention is now the second standardized model used throughout the penal system in California.

2. AJ Novick Group along with all Century Anger Management provider saw incredible growth in court, employer and self referrals.  Most providers stated their expectations were far exceeded in terms of their success.

3. Century Anger Management is the only Anger Management Training Organization that offers both in person and online /  distance learning training programs for persons all over the United States and abroad.

4. AJ Novick Group, Inc. provides corporate on-site anger and stress management training to over 20 professional corporations nationwide.  These trainings provide employees with skills in communication and listening, emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict reduction and team building.  Click here for a partial client list.  This marks incredible growth and need for corporate on-site training.

5. AJ Novick Group, Inc. becomes the leading national provider of quality online anger management classes and distance learning programs.  These courses have become the industry standard for online anger management education for both business and consumers, and the most accepted online anger management programs in the nation.

6. Century Anger Management increased it’s Certified Anger Management Professional provider base by over 20% from 2007.  This speaks to the need for trained providers and the openness to alternate ways of getting trained in the field of Anger Management.

7. All Century Anger Management Professionals nationwide stated that our model was accepted in every single state court it was submitted.  The Century Anger Management model is now recognized as a credible resource for both consumers and potential anger management providers anywhere in the U.S.

8. Century Anger Management trains Shannon Munford of DayBreak Counseling, and brings him on as a leading anger management provider for this model.  His website is prominetly found on almost any search engine along with AJ Novick Group, Century Anger Management and Dr. Tony Fiore’s Anger Coach.

9. AJ Novick Group translates distance learning program into Spanish and makes the home study format available to both Spanish and English speaking clients.

10. We would like to end the year and start the new one by saying thank you to all we’ve served and we wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2009!

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc. – Anger Management


  1. Best Wishes in 2009

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