Posted by: arijnovick | February 16, 2009

AJ Novick Group along with Century Anger Management Model Embraced

After two full days of live content training and 24 hours of online classes,  the Orange County Department of Education through the California State Department of Corrections, was taught the Century Anger Management model of intervention.  This model will be used in a pilot program to teach inmates throughout all California’s 33 prisons skills to better manage and control their anger though the use of weekly anger management classes.  The use of this model is a major step in our continued effort to establish the legitimacy and credibility of a program that has shown to be powerful and effective.  These inmates will be tracked and the success of the interventions will also be tracked and studied.  This data, which should be available in about year, will be one of the first empirically validated anger management programs to come out of the California state correctional system.  “We are very excited about this relationship with the DOC and the OCDE”, states, Dr. Novick, co-founder of Century Anger Management.

If this pilot program deems successful it may be adopted across other states throughout the nation.  The Century Anger Management model utilizes the “8 Tools of Anger Control”.  It is delivered using client workbooks, DVD’s, assessments, cognitive homework assignments between sessions, and other ancillary materials.  It can be used in a variety of settings including private practices, agencies, hospitals, churches and synogagues, as well as the penal system.

For more information on becoming certified by Century Anger Management, please visit our website!  To learn more about the AJ Novick Group’s Anger Management programs please visit their website.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc. – Anger Management
949 714-2694

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