Posted by: arijnovick | March 5, 2009

Distance Learning Options for taking Anger Management Classes

As the largest and most well known provider of online anger management classes and training, we have come to realize that there can be confusion about what an “online” class really is and what it is not.  Consumers must understand there is a distinction between a “home study” program and an “online” anger management class.

A “Home Study Program” for anger management is not an Online anger management class.  Home Study programs in anger management are typically purchased online, but are presented to the consumer as a set of printed materials, CD’s or books that are mailed.  It is then up to the participant to follow the instructions of the correspondence course to complete.  This option is good to choose if one does not have frequent access to a computer or the internet

An “Online Class” for anger management is completely internet based and there are no “downloads” or waiting time for materials.  All materials are presented in the form of an online classroom and the course should be able to be started immediately after registration. These online classes should be interactive with content, videos, chat, validation questions and email.  The program should also be offered by a well trained and certified provider using a psycho-educational curriculum, such as the one offered in our programs at Anger Class Online™

To learn more about our online anger management classes or home study programs visit our websites or contact our office.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group- Anger Management
949 715-2694

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