Posted by: arijnovick | March 6, 2009

New Fast Track Anger Management Workshop

The AJ Novick Group, Inc -Accelerated Anger Management Class Workshop’s are an ideal way to acceleration1gain skills in anger and stress management in an upbeat and intensive format.  This 4-hour class will cover skills in effective communication and listening, empathy and emotional awareness, stress management as well as improving judgment and impulse control.  Participants can expect to receive our acclaimed workbook “Anger Management in the Twenty-first Century” as well as other learning materials.  There is no enrollment fee and all workshops include refreshments.

Next 4-Hour Workshop is: March 21st, 2009.  Click here to register

This class is ideal for court or legal requirements, business or corporate referrals, couples, individuals and those seeking to deepen their understanding of how to better control their temper, hostility or rage.

For more information on our accelerated anger management classes or to learn more about our weekly anger management classes or online anger classes, simply contact our office or click on these links.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc. – Anger Management
949 715-2694

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