Posted by: arijnovick | May 14, 2009

What NOT to expect in an Anger Management Class

Frequently we get calls from TV production companies that want to do some type of show on anger management.  Whether it is reality based or documentary style, there is usually some kind of entertainment angle they are seeking when they call us for expert advise.  I wanted to officially point out a few interventions that are NOT a healthy or EFFECTIVE part of a quality anger management program

1. Venting or screaming.  There is the belief that venting ones anger is helpful and productive.  Quite the contrary, it can actually reinforce the behavior.  Screaming is also not recommended and it not considered a current intervention in conventional anger management programs

2. Hitting dolls, pillows, punching bags, popping balloons, or anything else.  The practice of hitting anything as a form of anger management is ineffective and inappropriate.  Practicing hitting objects only reinforces hitting as a coping skill.  Does that sound useful or helpful?

3.  Thickening up.  This intervention aims at trying to promote not letting things bother you when in reality they do.  Its much better to actually learn how to express your feeling of displeasure appropriately rather than suppressing it.

For information on a quality anger management class experience or for an exceptional online anger management class click on the links or contact our office at 949 715-2694

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc. – Anger Management

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