Posted by: arijnovick | May 16, 2009

Anger Management Certification- A Niche To Explore

The AJ Novick Group’s president, Ari Novick, Ph.D is also the co-founder of Century Anger Management. Century Anger Management is one of the best and most used training certifications available in the nation.

Century Anger Management providers are doing extremely well. This is in part due to the high demand for anger management services, but also because the model has been so highly regarded. Most recently, we trained over 20 staff members who will be providing anger management using this model within the entire CA state prison system.

Century anger management also makes certification training affordable, at only $595.00 for all 40 hours of training.

For more information on becoming certified to teach anger management classes visit Century Anger Management

AJ Novick Group, Inc – Anger Management

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