Posted by: arijnovick | November 6, 2009

Are you ready to start an Anger Management class?

I routinely get calls from people interested in anger management.  They want to know what to Angry coupleexpect, what is taught, and how many classes or hours they need to attend.  Anger management is great way to learn skills to improve relationship in a variety of angers.  Some people take classes to better get along in their family or friendships while others take them at the request of their employer or for a court or legal requirement.  Regardless of the reason, anger management classes can be extremely helpful for improving the way you respond to others and situations.

Participants can expect to learn some very specific skills.  These skills typically include learning better communication patterns, stress management, empathy, expectation management, forgiveness, improving judgment and impulse control, learning to respond instead of react and skills in improving self-talk.

Participants of anger management can range from couples, to individuals, and all walks of life.  Since the emotion of anger does not discriminate, and we all know everyone gets angry, classes tend to include all different types of people.  Anger management classes can be taken in  live on-site class, such as the ones we offer here at our corporate office in southern California.  They can also be taken online, such as through our world class online anger management class program.

Classes length can vary, but most people tend to benefit from about 8-12 sessions or hours of anger management.  The curriculum we use, by Century Anger Management, of which I am the co-founder, utilizes the book “Anger Management in the Twenty-first Century“.  This curriculum  covers the 8 tools of anger control.  Most people find classes interesting, engaging and a great learning experience.

Anger management is not psychotherapy either and is commonly confused by the consuming public.  Anger management is and should be a class which teaches skills.  Like all classes, there should be an organized program presented in a way that is easy to learn.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc. – Anger Management
Anger Class Online – Online Anger Management Classes

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