Posted by: arijnovick | November 13, 2009

Anger Class Online® now offers free course preview to all court officials, judges, human resource managers and attorneys

Laguna Beach, CA (November 12, 2009). The AJ Novick Group, Inc, parent company of Anger


Anger Class Online

Class Online® now offers a free preview of our industry leading and proprietary online anger management class to any judge, court official, human resource manager or attorney that wishes to view our program first hand.

For over three and a half years, Anger Class Online® has provided ground breaking and innovative online programs in the field of anger management. In an effort to educate the legal system, as well as business and industry, Anger Class Online® would like to provide this free demonstration of our program.

President of AJ Novick Group, Inc. and Anger Class Online® is Dr. Ari Novick. He says “In an effort to better educate judges as well as human resource managers, we believe making a free demonstration available will allow those interested to see what our online anger management course requires of participants”.  Dr. Novick further states, “Distance learning education is rather new, and we believe it is important for those in a position of authority to better understand how useful and beneficial these programs are for those in need of a quality anger management class”.  Anger Class Online® is considered the trusted, accepted and reliable resource for online anger management education.

The AJ Novick Group, Inc. has been offering world class distance learning anger management classes for over 6 years. Their online classes and home study programs are ideal for those interested in improving relationship skills both at work and at home.  Classes are an ideal resource for a court or legal requirement, employer training or simply for personal growth.  Those interested in the preview simply need to contact our office and make the request by either phone or email.

For more information on their anger management classes or programs, visit or

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