Posted by: arijnovick | December 30, 2009

How to start and find an Online anger management class

* You will need a computer with Internet access

How to take an online anger class

* When searching for an online anger management class, the easiest way is to enter the following phrase into Google “Online Anger Management Classes”
* You will notice several entries in the “organic” results page as well as many advertisements for classes
* The organic results usually show the most relevant web sites for your search and the ads at the top and side of Google are paid by advertisers
* Online classes can vary greatly in quality and functionality. Carefully review the content of topics covered
* Quality anger management classes should cover skills in assertive communication, empathy, forgiveness, expectation management, stress management, improving judgment and impulse control, and improving self-talk
* Carefully review the credentials of the provider. Ideally the classes should be offered by licensed and trained professionals.  The online class should also be offered by a provider who also offers live in person anger management classes
* Make sure the class is really an online class and not a series of downloads or powerpoint presentations
* Contact the provider by phone or email and make sure they have good customer service
* Does the business offer a satisfaction policy in the event you don’t like the class?
* Recommended online anger management class is Anger Class Online at
* Make sure the class you sign up for can be started immediately. There should be no wait time to start
* All classes should come with a certificate of completion that is original and signed and can be verified by a court official.

Ari Novick, Ph.D., LMFT
AJ Novick Group, Inc. – Anger Management

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