Posted by: arijnovick | December 31, 2009

Anger Class Online® – A Brand You Can Trust

Going into it’s 4th year, Anger Class Online® continues to be the trusted and most

Anger Class Online - A Brand You Can Trust

reliable online anger management class provider in the nation. This is in part because courts, judges, and HR managers and the general public have either used or accepted our courses and reviewed the content and delivery as exceptional and effective.  We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive anger management class available online and we are truly one of a kind.

Here is a case example of our consumer loyalty and quality service:
We were recently contacted by a judge in Arizona who wanted to both confirm the validity of our certificate for a defendant and also the content of the course.  Within a matter of minutes, we were able to provide this Superior court judge an instant course preview, as well as the defendants course log, examination results and course validation questions.  Our client case was dismissed and the judge commended our company for providing a valuable service.

Online anger management education is new.  It’s hard to know what website is fly by night and which can be trusted.  Anger Class Online® IS the brand you can trust for online anger management classes.

Ari Novick, Ph.D., LMFT
AJ Novick Group, Inc. –  Anger Management Classes

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