Posted by: arijnovick | August 30, 2010

Top 3 Tips for better Anger Management

The internet is filled with tips for better managing anger.  Just do a Google search and hundreds of pages will show up for the term “anger management tips”.  So the question beckons, how do we discern that are the best anger management tips and which are the worst?  That is a question I can’t answer either; however, I tend to read and value tips posted by real professionals in the field of anger management who have been doing this type of work for many years.  Their feedback along with my own, I believe has the most value for readers seeking this type of information.

Before I post what I think are the top 5 tips or techniques to better anger management, let me just say a few words.  I don’t think there are just 5 tops things one can do to improve their anger; however, my list below, covers some of my favorite techniques that have helped thousands of my previous clients in the past.

Tip 5: Learn how to forgive other people.  By learning to Forgive we open our heart and mind to new feelings and experiences and we let go of the baggage that weighs us down in negativity.  Let go of the bags and let in your heart.

Tip 4: Become more empathic towards others.  Gaining skills in empathy makes ourselves and others feel more connection.  It takes us out of our own self-absorbed world and puts us into the world of those we care about.   Our ability to know how we are feeling as well as our ability to accurately sense the feelings of those around us help to make positive connections with others

Tip: Improving communication skills.  Most people who struggle with anger management problems will often complain that they get easily frustrated or irritated when trying to communicate.  They often express anger very easily but have an incredibly difficult time communicating feelings and needs appropriately.  Gaining skills in assertive communication is an excellent way to improve anger management.

So, how can some of these tips be learned?  Simple!  Sign up for an anger management class or quality online anger management class, and see what other anger management skills and techniques you might also learn.  Anger management is a journey in self improvement, and the only way to start that journey is to make the effort to begin.

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