Posted by: arijnovick | October 27, 2010

Are there Support Groups for Anger Management?

Finding help or a support group for anger management is not always easy.  This is basically due in part that anger management classes are often called “classes or courses” and not referenced as a “support” group.  Those seeking support, might find solace in attending such support groups at their local church or synagogue or contacting their family therapist who also might offer such groups.

Anger management group classes
can have a supportive feel to them from the standpoint of not feeling alone about ones anger.  Anger can be both lonely and isolating for those that suffer from intense anger management problems.  Their anger can destroy relationships and make loved ones want to leave them.  Anger often leads to depression or even precedes the anger in the first place.

An anger management class is an excellent way to gain support in anger management.  You will likely be surrounded by people who also struggle with their anger and I believe their is comfort in knowing your not alone in how you feel.  Anger management classes will help modify ones thinking and behavior and give way to a process of healing.

No amount of therapy or anger management classes or support is going to stop anyone from feeling angry.  Anger is a normal human emotion that effects everybody.  The difference between problem anger and “normal” anger is the degree to which the person gets upset, the intensity of the anger and whether or not it is effecting social, occupational or school functioning.  While there is no DSM diagnosis for anger management, this is a good guideline to use when evaluating ones own anger.

Unbridled anger can create significant problems.  Getting the support one needs is as easy as participating in a local anger management seminar or finding a trusted and quality online anger management class.

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