Posted by: arijnovick | December 7, 2010

Give the Gift of Anger Management Classes to a Loved One

Do you or a loved one need or want to take an anger management class? As we approach the holidays, an anger management class can be a perfect gift for a variety of reasons.  While the holidays are often joyous, they can also be extremely stressful.  For some, the holidays can even cause depression and sadness.  These emotions are often the underpinnings of anger.  This might be the best time to start an anger management course.  From now through January 15th, 2010, Anger Class Online will be offering a $20 discount on any of our online programs.  Simply use the “offer code” in the logo featured in this blog: ACO987

Participants of our online anger management classes can expect to learn skills in a variety of areas including: stress management, assertive communication, forgiveness, expectation management, empathy and emotional intelligence, improving judgment and impulse control and much more.  Classes are self-paced and can be taken from any computer with Internet access.  A certificate of completion is awarded after successful completion of the program.

Don’t let anger ruin another relationship.  Either take a class or pass on the gift of self help to someone you care about.  While many people take our classes for a requirement, you don’t have to be court ordered to gain skills in anger management.  Anger effects everyone.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc.
Anger Class Online

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