Posted by: arijnovick | December 15, 2010

Court Ordered or Not, Anger Management Classes are for Everyone

Why do some people get referred to anger management programs while others do not?  Is there a difference between someone who attends an anger management class for personal reasons and someone who is mandated?  These are some of the most common questions I get asked when teaching anger management courses.

The truth is that someone who is court ordered to attend an anger management classes is really no different than the customer who is attending on their own.  The variable that separates the two types of clients is that the person who is coming on their own just hasn’t created a legal problem for themselves…yet.

I think that the stigma associated with going to anger management class is almost gone.  Anger classes are a great way to improve ones coping skills in a variety of areas he/she would have never been exposed to.

If you are court required or mandated to take a program, then the court will usually specify how long the classes should be, which are typically about 10-26 weeks, in most cases.  If you are coming to classes for personal development, then I would recommend about 8-12 classes to complete a quality curriculum.

Court ordered classes can be finished both by in person anger management classes or by a reputable online anger management class provider. Same rules apply, I would suggest taking the number of hours ordered by the court or an 8 to 12 hour online anger class.

Participants can expect to learn skills in how to be a more effective communicator, manage stress easier, show more empathy towards others and improve judgment and impulse control.

There is no quick fix in gaining control over anger.  Anger management is a skill that requires repeated exercise.  The classes will simply educate the client on the changes that need to made and the new skills that can be practiced.

How do you know if your anger is a problem?  Take our short online anger management assessment.  In general, anger is a problem when it occurs frequently, with great intensity, and effects interpersonal relationships, work or school performance.

Getting help is couldn’t be easier, take an anger management course today, before it’s too late!

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