Posted by: arijnovick | January 28, 2011

My Experience with Anger Management Classes Online

We receive testimonials frequently through the use of our online anger management course evaluation form.  I post testimonials that I find interesting or particularly interesting.  Here is one that came in today.

“Dr. Novick, thank you for developing such a great online anger management class program.  I recently completed a full 10 week program that was set up in a group format, and quite honestly, was disappointed. My wife suggested that I try another program out, so I did some research on the Internet and found your online anger management class.  I figured I would take the risk and see what an online class would be like.  To my surprise, I found your course incredibly helpful.  I even had my wife sit down with me and go through some of the chapters together.

Some of the highlights for me were the sections on how to be a better communicator and having more empathy towards others.  Those topics really hit home.    While I was taking this class for both personal reasons and a court requirement, I found the customer service exceptional.  I received personal phone calls from Dr. Novick directly and my case was dismissed after turning in my certificate as my last court hearing.  You have a great program and I would highly recommend anyone wanting or needing to take an anger management class, take the class through Dr. Novick’s website at Anger Class Online.  While I am a resident of Florida, I see from your website you also offer anger management classes in southern California.  I’m sure those are worth checking out too!  Thanks again.”

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