Posted by: arijnovick | February 1, 2011

How to Find Legitimate Anger Management Classes Online

It can often be difficult to find online anger management classes in your state.  Sometimes a simple Google search for “anger management class in ‘your state’ ” can work really well.  In other cases finding a location near you might be really difficult.

Considering taking an online anger management class is often a very viable alternative to an in person class because you don’t have travel long distances to find a class or have to leave work early to rush off to a class.  Before just randomly picking a class from the Internet it is best to evaluate if the online class you are considering is legitimate.  Unfortunately, the internet has been flooded with classes for everything from online degrees to online music classes.  Anger management programs on the internet can also vary greatly.

Here are few things to consider and ask before signing up.

1. Make sure the provider is licensed and/or certified to offer anger management classes.  Many websites do not even provide the contact information or a physical address of the provider or credentials of any kind, and many of the programs are offered by individuals who have no training at all in anger management.  No contact information and no credentials equals trouble.

2. Contact your local court and find out if a distance learning program will meet your specific requirements for anger education.  Contrary to popular belief, many state courts will allow an online class, but most require approval first.  They might want to verify the licensure of the provider, see a sample of their curriculum, or even demo the class.  A quality and trustworthy provider should be able to do all of these quickly and easily.

3. Ask for a copy of the providers curriculum, ask who wrote it and how it was developed.  Does it have any approvals and who uses it?  If they stole it from another organization, be wary.

4. Find out if your court has accepted their program in the past and ask for proof.  Customer information is confidential, but court case information is public record.

5. Don’t let cheap pricing seduce you into thinking the class is legitimate.  Like used cars sales, unfortunately many online providers think by selling cheap classes they are improving the credibility of online anger management.  Quality programs take time and energy to develop, they also are backed by a real credentialed person(s) who can contact the court on your behalf if needed and provide the documentation you may need for your case.  Like an in person class, online courses need to provide progress reports and be accessible to probation and law enforcement.  This will be difficult in the absence of contact information and lack of training.  You get what you pay for.

For information on one of the first and most reliable online anger management classes visit our website or contact our office for more information.

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