Posted by: arijnovick | February 25, 2011

Don’t Let Anger Ruin Another Key Relationship

Anger is one emotion we all share.  Regardless of where you live, how much education you have or money you earn, anger is an emotion we all feel.  It transcends race, culture, religion, and is part of the collective unconscious of our society.  Anger is powerful, and the behavior that follows can often be destructive or damaging to those around us, especially those we care most about.

So how can anger ruin ones life?  What most people say, when they’ve come in for help with their anger “problem” is that their problematic behavior has driven away the ones they most care about.  Here is a case example:

“Bill is a nice man.  He makes an honest living and is a hard worker.  He as two kids, 9 and 12 and he has been married for 10 years.  Over the years, Bill has lost his temper on several occassions.  He has smashed a TV in a fit of rage, he has punched holes through the walls of his house.   Most recently he almost drove his wife off the road from another car in an effort to control her.  His wife finally asked him to leave the house and after a final incident, was taking away in the custody of the police.  His wife is now filing for divorce, and Bill is devasted”.

While this example might seem extreme, it’s not.  This happens in America all the time.  People with anger management problems often lose the ones they love the most.  Poor anger management is not a psychological disorder, but rather a behavioral problem.  Getting help to manage anger doesn’t have to be difficult either.  Bill could take anger management classes or even register for a trused online anger management class.

While there is no quick fix for an anger problem per se, the behavior caused by the feeling of anger can be changed through learning new coping skills.  These are the skills taught in a quality anger management class.

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