Posted by: arijnovick | July 28, 2011

Has Anger Management Become “Cool”?

Anger Management classes don’t have to be embarrassing.  I’m make the argument that anger management courses have become “cool”. More than ever anger management classes have become the treatment of choice for those wanting to improve or sharpen their relationship skills.  Unlike couples counseling, anger management classes are educational.  They are aimed at teaching participants some very specific and concrete skills for improving interpersonal interactions.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I see many couples, and there certainly is a value in addressing relationship issues in counseling.  Anger management; however, is laser focused on teaching skills that anyone can use right away.  Regardless of whether your in a relationship, anger management skills will help in a variety of life settings including, work, school, family, driving, and day to day interactions with others.

Participants will learn a myriad of new tools including assertive communication, empathy and emotional intelligence, forgiveness, stress management, expectation management, improving judgement and impulse control and much more.

Anger management classes aren’t an embarrassment because it is simply a class.  And most quality programs are not just catering to the court ordered anger management, but also for those seeking to gain skills for personal growth and improvement.

How nice would be it be to handle yourself better when you get upset?  Wouldn’t you like to walk away from a situation and feel proud of yourself for how you handled it?  Imagine what your family and friends would say and think when they see the “new” you standing cool under pressure.  No need to wait.  You can even start taking anger management classes online!

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