Posted by: arijnovick | December 9, 2011

Master Your Anger, Don’t Let is Master You!

It is often hard to control ones anger. We are constantly exposed to situations that can drive us up the wall so to speak. Getting angry is a perfectly natural reaction to a negative action, while expressing anger is the healthy thing to do. Pent up anger is considered to be unhealthy to say the least and can lead to serious anger outbursts, stress and even depression. On the other hand, being angry constantly is also not considered to be healthy.
If you are finding that your anger is beginning to define you as a person you should definitely take steps to counter this destructive path. Chronic anger damages your mental well being, your physical well being and the well being of people around you. Additionally, chronic anger issues can lead to more serious conditions such as depression.
People who are constantly angry tend to blame others frequently for issues that may or may not be their fault. This can lead to confrontations fuelling the anger even further. In such a case it is much better to avoid getting angry in the first place, as in the situation anger begets anger. Destruction of relationships is one of the serious consequences of this anger.
]Chronically angry people tend to be more biased. Research has shown that people who are angry are more likely to agree with a statement that provokes anger in contrast to a statement that provokes sadness. Undoubtedly, everyone is biased to some degree; however, most people like to retain some control of their bias. If you are constantly angry then you anger ends up controlling your opinions, altering the way you think and perceive statements and events.
We note again, that you should never suppress anger. This has been proven to have seriously harmful consequences. This has been demonstrated on an individual level, but even more notably on a societal level. Examples on societal levels where anger has built up and exploded include such events as the London, Paris and Los Angeles riots, and even the events during the 30’s and 40’s which led to violent outbursts towards Jews by Germans. It’s worth noting that in all of these cases the anger has been focused either randomly or a perceived, but not necessary true cause. The same applies for individuals, who will find themselves having outbursts towards those who have done nothing to deserve it.
If you are angry constantly there are some various things you can do to help control your anger.  These can include relaxation techniques, rationalisation and thinking before you speak. If your anger is severe we highly recommend you seek professional help. Chronic anger is no minor matter as it is highly destructive to both yourself and to everyone around you.

If you are someone who is frequently angry do not be afraid to seek help.  A simple 12 hour anger management class would be a great start. It is better to take the humble approach and seek help, learning to control your own mind, than letting your anger control you. By going from someone who is frequently angry to someone who is in control you are making yourself a better person and others will respect you more for it.


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