Posted by: arijnovick | February 4, 2012

College Students Need Anger Management Now!

College is a controversial time for young people; it’s filled with confusion, loneliness, peer pressure, and huge amounts of stress. It can easily boil over in a student at just the wrong moment. To help you understand why college students could benefit from anger management classes, we have to understand that there are two different types of college students in universities big and small.

There are the new students that are just going into college and students that have been attending for two years or more. That extra 2 years of experience has a very different effect on the mind and adapting abilities of the college level student.

New College Students
New students are the most likely to benefit from anger management classes. New students facing a full college curriculum, new friends, new environments, Professor level expectations, and new peers, can cause the new student to become overloaded. The overloading may end up causing the student to have a violent outburst, even if it’s not in his or her usual character.

That outburst could be based on the pressure of the entire experience. Pushing of wanting professors, older students that find them to be an outcast, or justmaking embarrassing mistakes, can bring out the worst in good people. Anger management classes could be beneficial to new college students for this very reason. It’ll teach them the tools necessary to deal with that pressure without resorting to anger or violence as an outlet.

Students trying to get into fraternities have been famous for causing violent acts to other students and facilities. Doing everything possible that can be done o ensure the safety of all students is the main goal of the entire college staff. It’s time for the students to start taking some responsibility, too.

The Experienced Student
Experienced college students could benefit from anger management classes as well. They are the students that may be set most in their ways, and the hardest to reach. Even an experienced student, who has dealt with the high demands of professors and new environments, may explode in anger over the simplest quarrel with another student. Successful students tend to be very confident. If they are “insulted” with a loss, the highly successful student may become angry. This can be especially true among college athletes.

College students, new or experienced, could benefit from anger management classes online. This is thanks to what they teach and the available ways to learn. No longer does the student have to sit in another large classroom while listening to someone talk down to them. They can learn real world lessons and tools taught to them online at their own speed.  Come classes include, 8 hour anger class, 12 hour classes.

Anger management classes online can be completed at libraries, on their laptops at home, or in their dorm. They can be done in the morning, noon, or night. The availability and privacy makes online anger management as beneficial as possible to new and experienced college students without interfering with their everyday life. It’s effective, it’s fast, and it’s available whenever they are.  If the anger is the result of drinking or drug use, then an alcohol awareness class might the best first choice.

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