Posted by: arijnovick | March 30, 2012

Anger Management Classes Really Work!

I am a 33 year old single father to a wonderful son that is 7. All my life I have been a very very angry person for no real reason at all. I get mad at sports teams, the weather, other people, other drivers and worst of all other family members. Over the years my anger continued to grow until recently I looked for help any where I could find it. I started like many people suffering from anger management issues and thought it was something I could control my self with out no real true help, action plan or goal. I figured if its something mentally then I should be able to control it …. right? I only made it worse by getting more angry because now I am making a real attempt to control my anger and I am not getting the results I desired by taking this step. So, I decided to enroll in Anger Management Classes and so far they are doing a great job.

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