Posted by: arijnovick | April 11, 2012

Top 10 States Most In Need Of Anger Management Classes

Anger management classes are very popular to take in today’s age. In today’s economy, there is no doubt that there are more people stressed and angry about life because of their lack of wealth and happiness. If you pay close attention, you will find that there are some cities that do not have anger management classes and some that do, yet there aren’t enough classes in that area. Here’s just a quick list of the top 10 states most in need of anger control classes.

New York

New York may be a fun state, but it has been said that there many people in this state who aren’t all that happy. There’s a huge majority of them who are quite angry and mad, so you may find a lot of mean people in this part of the US. New York definitely needs more anger management classes throughout the state.


There is no exact statistic or count of how many people there are in this state who are rude and always angered, but there is definitely plenty of them. They have many anger management classes in the area, but more would be a good idea.


Arizona has some people who are angry and rude on purpose, so they are definitely very in need of many anger management classes in the area. Arizona is known for being nice and friendly in some places, but a variety of them do not like being friendly and kind to tourists.

New Jersey

New Jersey has some pretty rude people. Many of them are quite angry, so a variety of tourists will find themselves shocked by the rude people in this area. They may have a few anger New Jersey management classes, but they need more to make everybody become more kind and respectful.


Ohio is known for many beautiful attractions, but there are many cities that have a huge majority of rude people. Going to Ohio could be a great way to have fun, but be aware of the rude people that you may possibly encounter. Ohio is truly a great place to visit, but there are definitely many angry people.


Texas has some pretty mean people. They need to start implementing more anger management classes.


Connecticut has a huge variety of rude and mean people. Simply avoiding these people can be nearly impossible, so they need more training to help them remove their anger.


Seattle has some pretty annoying people. It is not uncommon to meet many people who are filled with anger.


Utah has the highest use of pain medication and anti depressants. In other words, there are many sad people people in Utah.


Michigan has all kinds of mean people. It is so common for most people to be mean in this state.

There are definitely many other states who are also filled with rude people, but what you need to understand is that there are mean and angry people everywhere. Every state has different types of people, and there will always be a nice set of people in every state.

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