Posted by: arijnovick | April 12, 2012

Anger Management Classes Online Helped Me Work Around My Busy Schedule

I had been having trouble with my alcoholic neighbor next door for a couple of years. The guy could not seem to mind his own business, and came over drunk when he would see me outside to start trouble. I had called the cops a few times, but they kept saying it was a civil issue and there was not much they could do about it unless the guy threatened me, or followed through on his threats. That was of no help. The situation kept escalating until finally the guy took a swing at me and hit me. He came at me a second time, and I defended myself to get it to stop. Neighbors saw us fighting and called the police. Before I knew it, we were both arrested. Unbelievable! Thankfully I didn’t get any jail time, but the judge said I needed anger management classes, or I would get jail time. I found a place online that has a variety of classes which is great for me because I travel a lot, and don’t have time to deal with someone else’s schedule at some remote location. The court accepted the class, and thankfully my crazy neighbor had to take the class, too.

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