Posted by: arijnovick | April 25, 2012

Getting Anger Under Control

Anger Management classes are often recommended in cases of juvenile crimes and domestic violence. Since so many of the juvenile crimes being committed in schools today are the result of uncontrolled anger, many judges overseeing these type of cases will recommend some form of anger management intervention. The goal of this type of intervention is to identify the root cause of the anger issue, and to also teach techniques on how to keep angry feelings under control. Based on previous case studies, these type of techniques and training have helped to reduce school related juvenile crimes by almost twenty seven percent. In addition to this, anger management classes are also often recommended for domestic violence criminals, who often cause a lot of harm because of their violent temper. In these cases, anger management training is often mandatory in order to ensure that the abuser will not cause any further harm to his immediate family, other loved ones or anyone else.

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