Posted by: arijnovick | May 10, 2012

Getting My Happy Boy Back

I was getting really worried about my son. When he was younger, he was such a happy child but he changed when he became a teenager. He became very sullen and was constantly angry at the world. I talked to his teachers thinking that there were school issues but they were not aware of anything going on. I decided to have him see a counselor because I was worried that he was heading down the wrong path and I wanted to help him however I could. She did find out that he had been bullied at school which was causing all of the anger. She recommended that he take an 8 hour course because she saw so much potential in him once the reasons for the anger was discovered. I also took a look at the classes so I could help him however I could too. They really helped both of us understand things better, and I do feel that I am getting that happy boy back.

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