Posted by: arijnovick | May 11, 2012

About Anger Management Classes

Company classes are usually done in groups. The classes can include spouses and their family members. Some classes, however, can be done on an individual basis. Anger control methods can help a person with effectively monitoring the behavior. In these classes, the anger can be controlled and handled in a constructive and healthy way. The purpose or objective of the classes is not to get rid of the anger because everyone has it. However, the individual does not have to scream, yell or become aggressive when they are disturbed about something. Therapists will also work with the angry individuals to explore how they were raised, especially when dealing with abusive situations. One of the first steps in the process is focusing on identifying the causes of the anger. The person will need to know what has triggered the irrational responses in the past. These sessions can sometimes include role-play so that the person can see their behavior.

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