Posted by: arijnovick | June 28, 2012

Anger Management Classes Really Helped My Brother

My brother is a really nice, sincere guy. That said, he was also the reason we had some holes in the walls at our house growing up. When he’d get really mad it looked like he couldn’t see anything; he wasn’t the same person. Now he never hit a girl that I know of (or my parents) but he would definitely look for fights at school growing up. Needless to say, he got in his fair share of trouble. He got in a fight at a bar last weekend and ended up in the county jail. This was the first time that he had gotten in trouble as an adult. From what it sounded like the other guy provoked it, but who really knows. Sometimes my brother can perceive an insult out of thin air. The judge was easy on him; time served and two months of an anger management class. I was really surprised; he does the exercises every day and tells me that he feels better. I’ve seen him count to twenty to cool off and he pulls a card out of his wallet every so often and stares at it (he won’t let me see what it says). What’s really surprising is that he continues to go even though he isn’t ordered to any more (we don’t mention it in fear that he will stop). We are really hoping this sticks. Whatever they are teaching him is having a really positive effect. This particular doctor also offers classes online, so when he burns out on going in, he can continue at home using our computer.

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