Posted by: arijnovick | August 30, 2012

Really Great HR Resource

My company has decided to offer many classes for our employees to help them through tragedy in their lives and to help us learn to communicate with each other more effectively on a daily basis. One choice is anger management coaching. The company is going to pay for everyone to take an online corporate anger management class. It can be taken from home or from any computer terminal in the office. The studies that I have seen about the stress level of each employee in this bad economy, show it has grown more in the last two years then it had grown over the last ten years. Many people are very concerned about loosing their jobs and having problems paying their bills and their house payment. I found your website when I was looking to find a counselor to put on our staff. Now we don’t have to have someone physically in the building. This move will help our overall employee satisfaction and also keep the cost down of having to add another salary to the payroll.

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