Posted by: arijnovick | September 24, 2012

I Have to Take an Anger Management Class Ordered by the Judge

I have to take a court ordered anger class. No one was ever interested in my side of the story. All anyone sees is that I was yelling at someone and they got hurt. The person I was yelling at backed up away from me and fell down breaking his wrist. I didn’t even touch him. Still, I am now ordered to take the classes. It is a tough thing for me to do since I am still angry. That is kind of funny since I don’t get upset about anything else except what this person started in on me about. I have a zero history of blowing up in front of anyone. I don’t even have a parking ticket on my record. Now I have to take these classes ordered by the court in order not to have a record. I don’t have a choice. I’m going to have a hard time getting through this but I will go in with an open mind. Since I’m still angry about this event, I guess maybe I do need to manage it. I’m not angry about anything else, nor have I ever been. I might learn something to help me avoid this ever happening again when someone comes along trying to push buttons.

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