Posted by: arijnovick | October 8, 2012

About Court Ordered Anger Management Classes

Court ordered anger management classes are made for a variety of different reasons. The order may be as a result of someone having an argument with a stranger, friend or a family member. The court can order the classes because of a more serious nature including domestic violence cases, especially because the police were contacted and involved. The judge is the individual that has to determine the severity of each case. These types of anger management classes may also vary from classroom instruction to online courses. If it is a domestic violence battery case, the duration for these classes are usually much longer in length. Currently, all states the U.S. have similar laws as well as provisions. Prior to attending, the individual may have to undergo an initial assessment. Based on the severity and nature of the offense, this assessment can include family history, a full medical work-up, and testing for mental illness. Individuals who need medical assistance should meet one-on-one with a therapist. For educational purposes, anger management classes can be taken online. Taking them on your computer provides convenience and the same high quality education you would get in a classroom.

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