Posted by: arijnovick | October 19, 2012

My Boyfriend’s Arrest and Anger Management Issues

My boyfriend got arrested last week. It was not a good thing at all. I was so upset and not sure if I wanted to continue the relationship. What he got arrested for was something really stupid so I decided to stay with him if he would agree to take anger management classes. Luckily, he agreed, but didn’t have time to go to the class when they were available. I went online and found a quality course that is designed by a licensed and practicing therapist and anger management specialist. This doctor meets with patients in his office, or has classes to take online. I researched his background and found out that he has good credentials, the business is rated A+ from the BBB and prices were even lower than the classes offered at the local community college. My boyfriend was happy to learn from home instead of having to make an appointment time. The anger classes did a great deal of good for him. It helped him to become a much calmer person. I really hope he continues to use the strategies he learned at the class so we can have a successful relationship. I see a lot of good that came out of the arrest, but I really hope it does not happen ever again.

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