Posted by: arijnovick | October 29, 2012

Court Ordered Me to Take an Anger Management Class

After getting into a fight at a club, the judge ordered me to take a 8 hour anger management class. This is supposed to help me control my temper. So I am going to go into it with my head held high. I mean I really do have a problem controlling my temper and I grew up in a abusive household in which my dad was always angry with me, so that may possibly be why. Well I don’t want to be that way to my own children when I decide to have them, so I am really going to give this my all and hope that something inside of me changes. My brother has recommended that I seek further counseling after I take these classes. I’m going to take his advice and also take them online like he did. He found them really helpful, saved money and didn’t have to waste time driving all over town trying to get to an in-person class.

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