Posted by: arijnovick | November 14, 2012

Getting a Serious Anger Problem Under Control

I’ve always had a hot temper, but things have really escalated out of control in the last three years. I blame the economy and the dolts in Washington, D.C. for most of the problems I’ve had since 2008. Their polices cost me my job and my marriage, and now I’m living in an apartment with little hope for the future. Is it any wonder I’m angry? Probably not, but even I know that taking that anger out on my ex-wife and children isn’t the appropriate response. It’s time to try and take control of my life and that means working on my anger issues. I went ahead and registered for a 16 hour online anger management program in an effort to learn new skills. The site I took the courses through offered some great techniques and advice about how to control my stress and rage. I’ve put some of them into practice and really noticed a difference. I feel more serene now.

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