Posted by: arijnovick | January 21, 2013

My Coworker is Taking Anger Management Classes

The other day when I went to work I was surprised to not see one of my coworkers. I asked my boss where he was and he told me that the coworker would not be in for a couple of days or maybe even a week because he was taking 16 hours of anger management training online. I think that the person that I work with is very nice, but he does lose his temper very quickly. He has worked with the company for many years and my boss has always been very nice to him. A couple of times my coworker has blown up at customers and has shouted at them and banged on the counter. This is completely unprofessional behavior and some bosses would fire their employees for things like this. My boss is a very nice person and he did not want to fire my coworker. He decided that it would be better for my coworker to take classes to help manage his anger so the company signed him up to take online anger management classes from his house. This is great because he can stay in the relaxed atmosphere of his own home and sit quietly and focus on the information. He doesn’t have to be bothered by a classroom full of other people he doesn’t know, and he can go at his own pace. This is a great idea and I think getting his outbursts under control will really help the growth of our business.

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