Posted by: arijnovick | January 24, 2013

He Had to Take Anger Management Classes

My brother has always had a bad temper but he is usually able to keep it under control in public. Something happened to trigger his temper about a month ago and he was involved in a road rage incident. There were conflicting stories even from the witnesses, so no one really knew what happened except for the people who were involved, and even their stories were different. All of them had to take an anger control class in order to not be charged with disorderly conduct which would stay on their record for a long time. My brother convinced the judge to let him take an online anger management course. He couldn’t afford to miss another day of work and it would be a major hardship if he did. The judge approved it and he was allowed to take the classes from his computer at home. He fulfilled his requirement and actually got really interested in what he was learning. The online class hooked him in and he ended up being glad that he was ordered to take them because he learned a lot about himself. He was deeply sorry for his involvement, but was able to find the silver lining in that particular cloud. I can tell a difference in him too, so I am glad in one way that this all happened.

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