Posted by: arijnovick | February 19, 2013

Helping My Daughter Get Her Anger Under Control

<p My wife and I are going to sign our daughter up for a 16 hour anger management class online.. She has an extremely volatile temper. Basically she gets upset when the littlest thing happens in her life. She gets so upset that she usually resorts to destroying things in her room or around the house. Obviously this makes my wife and I very uncomfortable but we can’t ignore it anymore because lately her anger has resulted in injuries to her siblings. She has also recently been suspended from school because she lost control and went into a rage directed at a teacher. We are hoping that the course that our daughter is going to take will go a long way in helping her learn how to control her anger, and hopefully save her from the life of trouble that she doesn’t learn skills to redirect it. She is embarrassed by her behavior and wants to learn to stop it. Taking the anger class online will give her some privacy in dealing with this issue and we can sit and take it with her without having to get a babysitter for the other kids.

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