Posted by: arijnovick | April 15, 2013

How Anger Management Counseling Helped Our Marriage

My husband and I used to argue all the time. It had gotten so bad that I filed for a separation and was pretty sure we would eventually get a divorce all because of his quick temper. A few months after I filed for a separation he asked me if I would be willing to go this therapist near our house for marriage counseling. I told him I would but only if he agreed to take some sort of anger management training online. Thankfully, he agreed to do this since it didn’t require missing any work or a long commute. I was really surprised at the difference the anger management classes made as well as the couples counseling. He is so much more laid back now and does not get mad at the slightest thing anymore. We can actually have conversations now and he compromises instead of arguing. Our marriage is so much better and we no longer talk about getting a divorce at all.

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