Posted by: arijnovick | May 3, 2010

Online Anger Management Class Testimonial for Anger Class Online®

The following testimonial was received today, May 3rd, 2010.  For over 4 years Anger Class Online® has been delivering high quality distance learning educational programs in the field of anger management.  Consumers to online classes should be aware that not all programs are equal, just like not all universities are equal. Anger Class Online® was designed to really teach participants skills.  It is not a program aimed at issuing a certificate without effort.  Our courses take time, energy and interaction on the part of the participant.  While we can’t speak for other online courses, anyone who participates in our online anger management class can expect a world class, user friendly, and high quality learning experience.  Please see today’s testimonial below.

Ari Novick, Ph.D., Founder
Anger Class Online®

Dear Dr. Novick:

I completed your online anger management class and I have to say that this is very useful
information. The content that is provided reveals a lot of information and
knowledge that can help people with issues that lead to anger.  In my
situation, it was mainly frustration and not being able to stay in the box
and resolve issues in a relationship, not knowing how to say ” Honey I cant
talk about this right now and I need a break to calm down”. In my case
frustration was a big issue and not knowing how to constructively use these
simple steps of recognizing the “why” and the how to handle “issues” are
valuable tools! I never knew that I had anger issues, I guess everyone does
and the key is managing that anger. Good stuff and thanks again for putting
together such as great program Online!”

Edward V. -Whittier, CA

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