Posted by: arijnovick | September 22, 2010

Anger Management for Parents and Caregivers

Anyone with children knows how hard it can be raising kids.  Our annoyance tolerance is constantly challenged every day. teens don’t necessarily know they are pushing our buttons (although some do!).  Depending on a child’s age or developmental stage, they may be doing things inadvertently that produce stress or anger in us, as parents, without meaning to do so.

Most parents know that behavior is learned.
Where do we learn behavior?  Well, you guessed it, from our own primary caregivers.  Our children pick up on how we respond and react to them.  We are educating them how to behave in the world under pressure, stress and various situations simply by observing us.  Some of this happens without us knowing, while some of it happens without them even knowing it!

We often refer to kids having “sponges” for brains.  They absorb everything, and fast.  Language acquisition skills are at the peak between the time we are born and about 8 years of age.  This is why children who grow up in multi-lingual households can learn several languages at once, but older children or adults are often incapable of doing the same.

Parents who do not have good anger management skills can benefit greatly from taking an anger management class specifically designed for parents.  Parents who improve their skills in anger management get two benefits.  One, they will be better able to not behave badly with with their kids when feeling angry, and 2, their kids also gain skills in handling feelings of displeasure.

Skills specific to teaching parents how to better manage anger can be taught either in a live anger management program or in a anger class just for parents taught online.  Don’t delay any longer, skills for anger reduction can be learned and changes can be made almost immediately.  Don’t let you or your children suffer, the skills you need are a click away!

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