Posted by: arijnovick | July 11, 2012

Taking Anger Management Classes Online Helped My Husband Since He is Busy at Work

My husband was having some anger issues at work. His company brought in new managers who caused a lot of problems with morale with many of the employees at work. This went on for about a year. Morale kept dropping, but the senior executives were doing nothing about it, despite complaints they received often. It was really stressing my husband out, and he was trying to cope with it the best he could. He couldn’t leave his job, because good jobs are scarce in our area. One night my husband just broke. He was upset about work, and we got into an argument. He hit me several times in front of the kids. He had never done something like this, and because I was scared I would end up in the hospital, I called 911. I did the right thing. It stopped it from escalating. But then the judge said he has to take 8 hour anger management classes which is a problem because he works about 60 hours per week. My husband wanted to make this right for me, and for the judge, so he found classes online. He was able to take the classes during his off time at home, and he was able to start the classes right after he signed up. I have noticed a big change in my husband already. We will be all right, because he is a good man.

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