Posted by: arijnovick | July 26, 2012

My Wife Wants Me to Take a Course

I guess I really scared my wife the other day when I lashed out at her. She said that it wasn’t the first time, and if I don’t get some help, she is going to kick me out and we are going to get a divorce. I don’t want to do something like that. Maybe she is right. Maybe I do have an anger problem. I still don’t want for our marriage to fall apart. I love her too much to leave her. I never mean to appear so angry. I was just mad because she wouldn’t do what I say, but I had no reason to act like that. I guess that some people are really going to think that I am a bad guy now. I have to turn things around and go to one of those 8 hour anger management classes. I feel like it might just be my savior, and it will definitely teach me how to behave properly.

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