Posted by: arijnovick | February 11, 2013

My Brother is Going to Take Anger Management Classes

My brother has had a very difficult year. He lost his high paying job and his wife has been a complete wreck. She’s down his back to find another job all the time and it’s causing him a lot of stress. I think it’s all too much for him and he’s had an especially hard time controlling his anger. My parents have encouraged him to get help and have actually offered to pay for therapy. My sister-in-law found him really educational anger control classes that he can take online so he doesn’t have to attend a classroom. He’s partly in denial and partly embarrassed, so getting him into a classroom with a bunch of other people that he doesn’t know would be close to impossible. She searched online for an 8 hour anger management program and found one that is designed by a currently practicing psychotherapist in Laguna Beach, California. She likes the idea that there’s actually a real person behind the program that she can contact if they have any questions. She’s even going to sit with him to go through the class so they can discuss any topics or issues that come up. I think this is a great step in the right direction. The techniques he learns will probably also help him in landing a new job.

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