Posted by: arijnovick | April 18, 2013

Anger Management Classes Could End Up Saving My Life

I have had anger issues since I was pretty young. I think it started with my father – he was a short tempered man, prone to hostile outbursts that for a child seemed entirely random. I got used to cowering and apologizing even when I did not know what I was apologizing for. As I got older my own problems with anger began to emerge. I have recently had some situations where I got so angry that I destroyed things around me. Last week I threw my glasses across the room, I’ve broken things on my desk and I actually kicked the door so hard it left a hole. I just had to take it out somehow, but it’s getting embarrassing. People around me are telling me I’ve become increasingly short tempered, snappy and not fun to be around. Since I don’t own a car right now, I researched online and found an online anger management class that looks perfect. It’s designed by a practicing psychotherapist and anger specialist and I can take it each night after dinner for as long as I want. Seems like a stress-free and educational way of addressing the issue. I can take it completely anonymously so I’m going to invest the time without saying anything and see if people notice a difference in my demeanor. I’m looking forward to getting started tonight!

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